Confirmed Speakers

Invited Lectures

Andrzejewska Ewa, Poznan University of Technologyimg/flags/icons8-poland-30.png
"Thiol-ene photopolymerization in ionic liquids: New investigations"
Arsu Nergis, Yildiz Technical Universityimg/flags/icons8-turkey-30.png
"Photochemically prepared nanocomposite thin films and organic vapor detection"
Bowman Chris N., University of Coloradoimg/flags/icons8-usa-30.png
"Photoswitchable states of matter: thioester-based dynamic covalent chemistry in photopolymerized networks"
Dietliker Kurt, ETH Zürichimg/flags/icons8-switzerland-30.png
Guymon C. Allan, University of Iowaimg/flags/icons8-usa-30.png
"3D printed retinal tissue scaffolds: stereolithography and two-photon polymerization of acrylated poly(caprolactone)"
Ibrahim Ahmad, University of Haute-Alsaceimg/flags/icons8-france-30.png
"Confocal Raman microscopy study of the oxygen affected layer in photocomposites"
Joly-Duhamel Christine, ICGM-IAMimg/flags/icons8-france-30.png
"The electron acceptor/donor couple: utopia or reality?"
Karatsu Takeshi, Chiba Universityimg/flags/icons8-japan-30.png
Kloxin Christopher J., University of Delawareimg/flags/icons8-usa-30.png
"Interpenetrating networks via simultaneous photoinitiation of orthogonal monomer chemistries"
Li Zhiquan, Jiangnan Universityimg/flags/icons8-china-30.png
"Photobase generators for thiol-based click polymerization"
Liska Robert, TU Wienimg/flags/icons8-austria-30.png
"Advanced photoinitiators for coatings, biomaterials and 3D printing"
Nie Jun, Beijing University of Chemical Technologyimg/flags/icons8-china-30.png
"The monomers from bio-sources for photopolymerization"
Sangermano Marco, Politecnico di Torinoimg/flags/icons8-italy-30.png
"Recent advances in cationic photopolymerization"
Scherzer Tom, Leibniz Institute of Surface Engineeringimg/flags/icons8-germany-30.png
"Transparent hydrogels made from poly (ethylene glycol) diacrylate as drug delivery materials for photosensitizer systems"
Schlögl Sandra, Polymer Competence Center Leobenimg/flags/icons8-austria-30.png
"Photo-responsive polymer networks: synthesis, characterization, and applications"
Strehmel Bernd, Niederrhein University of Applied Sciencesimg/flags/icons8-germany-30.png
"Photopolymerization with near-infrared emitting Lasers and LEDs – from molecules to polymer synthesis and industry 4.0 related applications"
Taki Kentaro, Kanazawa Universityimg/flags/icons8-japan-30.png
"Impact of oxygen inhibition on dark polymerization after photopolymerization of multifunctional monomers"
Vitale Alessandra, Politecnico di Torinoimg/flags/icons8-italy-30.png
"Environmentally induced changes of photopolymers surfaces: control of the rearrangements of perfluoropolyalkylethers chains"
Yagçi Yusuf, Istanbul Technical Universityimg/flags/icons8-turkey-30.png
"Metal free photoinduced ATRP"

Oral Communications

Aguirre-Soto Alan, Tecnologico de Monterreyimg/flags/icons8-mexico-30.png
"Photocrosslinking epoxy resins to obtain graphitic carbon nanowires from ordered polymer networks"
Akın Evingür Gülşen, Piri Reis Universityimg/flags/icons8-turkey-30.png
"Graphene oxide effect on the dynamical behavior of PAAm-go composite gels"
Allonas Xavier, University of Haute-Alsaceimg/flags/icons8-france-30.png
"Photobase generators in photopolymerization reactions"
Baudis Stefan, TU Wienimg/flags/icons8-austria-30.png
"PCL based toughness enhancers for photopolymer based bone substitutes"
Beigi-Boroujeni Saeed, Islamic Azad Universityimg/flags/icons8-iran-30.png
"Photopolymerization of bactericidal thiol-ene based dental materials containing quaternary ammonium moieties with different structural"
Bongiovanni Roberta, Politecnico di Torinoimg/flags/icons8-italy-30.png
"Gradient copolymers: photoenforced surface segregation of siloxane acrylic monomer"
Bonneaud Céline, ICGM-IAMimg/flags/icons8-france-30.png
"Synthesis and radical photopolymerization of α, β-unsaturated esters and vinyl ethers perfluoropolyalkylethers"
Bouvet-Marchand Agathe, Specific Polymersimg/flags/icons8-france-30.png
"A platform of functional building-blocks for the design of UV-cured materials"
Fiedor Pawel, Cracow University of Technologyimg/flags/icons8-poland-30.png
"Photopolymerization of cationic and free-radical monomers under UV-A and visible light using new fluorescent probes based on pyridine compounds"
Galek Mariusz, Photo Hitech Ltdimg/flags/icons8-poland-30.png
"A novel iodonium salts as a one-component photoacid generators for cationic photopolymerization under UV-LED or Vis-LED exposure"
Gorsche Christian, Cubicure GmbHimg/flags/icons8-austria-30.png
"Hot lithography: opening the gate for highly resolved, functional 3D-parts"
Griesser Thomas, University of Leobenimg/flags/icons8-austria-30.png
"Exploring biocompatible thiol/yne formulations for the 3d printing of functional biomedical devices"
Houck Hannes, Ghent Universityimg/flags/icons8-belgium-30.png
"The remarkable photopolymerization of triazolinediones: switching chemical reaction pathways with different colours of light"
Karasu-Kilic Feyza, Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanneimg/flags/icons8-switzerland-30.png
"Organic/inorganic hybrid planarization and moisture barrier coatings on cellulose nanofibrils substrates"
Kern Wolfgang, Montanuniversität Leobenimg/flags/icons8-austria-30.png
"Initiation of radical photopolymerization reactions with photoactive silica particles"
Leterrier Yves, Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanneimg/flags/icons8-switzerland-30.png
"Self-cleaning and wear-resistant polymer nanocomposite surfaces"
Ley Christian, University of Haute-Alsaceimg/flags/icons8-france-30.png
"Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Free Radical Photopolymerization"
Lutzer Bernhard, In-Vision Digital Imaging Optics GmbHimg/flags/icons8-austria-30.png
"Light sources for photopolymers"
Mohseni Majid, Institute for Color Science and Technologyimg/flags/icons8-iran-30.png
"A confocal Raman estimation of phenomenological theories for simulation of conversion gradient of UV-curable turbid layers"
Okamura Haruyuki, Osaka Prefecture Universityimg/flags/icons8-japan-30.png
"Fabrication of Photocrosslinkable Polysilane/diarylfluorene Blended Films and Their Tuning of Refractive Indices"
Oprych Dennis, Niederrhein University of Applied Sciencesimg/flags/icons8-germany-30.png
"Upconverting nanoparticles for UV/vis photoinitiated generation of acidic cations and radicals upon nir laser excitation"
Peer Gernot, TU Wienimg/flags/icons8-austria-30.png
"New monomers for photopolymerization based onl radical cyclopolymerization"
Razza Nicolo, Politecnico di Torinoimg/flags/icons8-italy-30.png
"Synthesis and behavior of Janus hairy nanoparticles via photografting-from strategy by exploiting the use of anchored type I photoinitiators"
Schörpf Sebastian, TU Wienimg/flags/icons8-austria-30.png
"Reduction of polymerization-induced shrinkage stress via combination of radical ring opening and addition fragmentation chain transfer"
Sun Fang, Beijing University of Chemical Technologyimg/flags/icons8-china-30.png
"Self-healing UV-cured material based on imidazole ionic interactions"
Švajdlenková Helena, Polymer Institute of SASimg/flags/icons8-slovakia-30.png
"Microstructural study of photopolymers by positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy (PALS)"
Takahara Shigeru, Chiba Universityimg/flags/icons8-japan-30.png
"Poly (vinyl alcohol)-Iodine complex formation enhanced by photo-crosslinking "
Theil Perrine, Elkem Silicones Franceimg/flags/icons8-france-30.png
"New chromium-free synthetic rout for photopolymerizable silicones acrylates and design of new type II photoinitiators "
Van Hoorick Jasper, Ghent Universityimg/flags/icons8-belgium-30.png
"Thiol-ene Click Hydrogels: Influence of Crosslinkeron Network Properties"
Worrel Brady, University of Coloradoimg/flags/icons8-usa-30.png
"A user’s guide to the thiol-thioester exchange in photopolymerizable network polymers"
Ye Guodong, Guangzhou Medical Universityimg/flags/icons8-china-30.png
"Unraveling the mechanisms of photoassisted autoxidation"
Yin Boyang, University of Haute-Alsaceimg/flags/icons8-france-30.png
"One-pot two-step sequential click reactions coupling aza-Michael addition and photoinduced copper (I) catalyzed reaction for the synthesis of new molecules"
Yong He, Beijing University of Chemical Technologyimg/flags/icons8-china-30.png
"Stepwise regulation of reversible CO2-responsive and photopolymerizable prepolymers"

In addition, more than 50 posters will be presented during the conference.

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